LASIK Cost & Financing

What is the Cost of LASIK in Houston, TX?

LASIK in Houston can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per eye. Some factors contributing to this price may include the procedure itself, pre and post-operative care, a follow-up procedure, and the technology used. The work each eye needs is also taken into account, as a more complex procedure may be more expensive than a simple one. 

At Le Eye Institute, our surgeons are accessible to you throughout the entire process of your procedure. Every step of the way, we want you to be utterly satisfied with your experience. 

Your insurance may cover LASIK, depending on how severe your case is. If your LASIK surgery is considered medically necessary, there is a chance that your insurance company may cover LASIK. 

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Which Factors Affect the Price of LASIK Eye Surgery?

  • The Current State of Your Vision: Some vision correction surgeons tend to charge a higher price to treat patients with worse vision. Le Eye Institute offers Laser Vision Correction at the same price, regardless of the severity of your prescription.
  • The Experience of Your Surgeon: The cost of LASIK may be higher if the surgeon performing on you is well experienced. Newer surgeons may charge lower prices to position themselves against more experienced doctors.
  • The Laser Vision Correction Technology Used: Those who invest in the latest, safest technology often charge a bit more to cover the expenses of purchasing new lasers. To provide patients with the best experience possible, Le Eye Institute is constantly upgrading its technology.
  • The Technique Used By the Surgeon: The cost of LASIK can change depending on which method is used by your eye surgeon. For example, custom or bladeless LASIK may cost more than conventional LASIK eye surgery.
  • Where the Surgery is Performed: Depending on where you get LASIK, prices may reflect the cost of living in that area. The cost of LASIK may also be affected by practices that specialize in specifically LASIK and other vision correction services compared to practices that offer a broad range of services.

Why Are Some LASIK Prices Cheap?

Advertising for LASIK eye surgery under $1,000 per eye may have impressed you in the past. However, discounted prices are not always a good deal, and here’s why:

Only mild nearsightedness can be corrected by LASIK for a low price. Farsightedness, astigmatism, and high or moderate amounts of nearsightedness can result in LASIK costs exceeding far past their advertised prices.

The price for LASIK should not include any fees. If a problem arises following surgery, additional care may be needed, which will cost extra. Additional surgeries will also act as an additional cost – even your initial consultation may be more.

Another reason why your LASIK price may be low is if the procedure is performed with older technology. LASIK may be more precise with newer technologies, but older ones are not necessarily bad, either. For example, at $499 per eye, you would probably not be entitled to custom or bladeless (all-laser) LASIK.

If you’re considering a LASIK procedure with a low cost, you should ask for a written quote that outlines everything included in the price. Finally, before you sign off on the procedure, read the fine print and ask if any additional fees may apply.

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